Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Steam release of RPG Seinarukana will feature extra content from the PSP version translated by Peter Payne himself

J-List and JAST USA boss Peter Payne has revealed that the translator working on the extra content from the PSP version is none other than himself.

(Also see my full review: [In-Depth Review] Seinarukana + Info Hub)

Peter Payne:
There will be no censorship of the [adult version of the] game whatsoever. And I'm happy to say the Steam version has extensive additional content, routes and scenarios and even some new characters. It's so extensive I've been staying at work til 1 am every night translating it.

Seinarukana's original content was translated by Aroduc of Seiha translations, who also worked on Littlewitch Romanesque as well as fan translation projects such as Kamidori Alchemy Meister.  Aroduc declined to work on the extra content from the PSP version, further delaying a project that was announced back in 2011.

According to the JP Playstation store page, the PSP version of Seinarukana includes more than 35 additional CG, an expanded scenario, and additional voicework.  Whether the adult version will include this extra content remains an open question.  According to the Seinarukana Special Edition official JP website, the Special Edition includes both the H-scenes and the added content from the PSP version.  That may or may not be the version JAST is working with.

Seinarukana's official site is up with a fairly nice trailer.

The adult version of Seinarukana released 4/22/16 and ships with a free Steam key on J-List.  The Steam version is expected to release in Autumn 2016.  Also check out my previous article on Seinarukana (JAST’s failure to market Seinarukana as an RPG could doom English H-RPGs) for a preview of the story and gameplay and commentary on the marketing necessary for Seinarukana to succeed.  Don't forget to pick up Seinarukana's prequel, Aselia the Eternal, as well.

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