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[Preview][NTR] Oyako Rankan + English prologue patch + Let's Play video

Title: Oyako Rankan
Developer: AliceSoft
Tags: Avoidable netorare, strategy, high sexual content
EGS score: 79 (161 votes)
VNDB score: 7.9 (90 votes)

English prologue patch (covers the intro and Day 1--thanks Ras Alhague!)
Let's Play Video (courtesy of CryingWestern, covers the full duration of the patch, 1hr 42min)
Walkthrough (very barebones)

Promo trailer (SFW)

See the Getchu page for the full version (NSFW, recommended).


After a fire destroyed their village and killed their parents, Mamoru and his elder sister Kotone were adopted into the opulent Kamishiro household.  Years later Mamoru now works for the family as a butler.  Yet the Kamishiro household holds a dark secret: its riches and influence stem from a ritualistic orgy known as the "Feast".  Kamishiro ladies are fabled for their amorousness, fertility, and the unmatched quality of their offspring, and during the Feast influential men from all around pay handsomely to inseminate these peerless wombs.

Meanwhile the bedridden Kamishiro head Ikki faces exile if he can't impregnate his wife, the lovely Saya, with the next heir by the end of the month.  Pressured by his clients and his scheming lieutenant Shinohara, Ikki calls a new Feast with Kotone as the offering.  With clients swarming to the manor like locusts, Mamoru finds himself plunged into a nightmare.  Can he protect the family he holds dear--Kotone, Saya, and his younger stepsister Ririko--from the ravages of the Feast until the end of the month?

Subjective analysis

Oyako Rankan is one of the best-rated NTR games on EGS (79, 161 votes).  The game is also popular among the English NTR fanbase (VNDB: 7.9, 90 votes).  Outside of ELF, this game doesn't have many peers; it's one of the best in its class.  As AliceSoft's partner for English releases, MangaGamer should give this title serious consideration, as the NTR theme would draw a new audience, and the game's gameplay, quality, and avoidable nature of the NTR content would appeal to existing customers as well.

Gameplay description

Map screen

Each day antagonists will try to seduce the girls.  Stationing Mamoru in the same area as the heroine will block these attempts.  Sometimes Mamoru isn't available to block an attempt.  That's when the chastity meter comes into play.  The chastity meter serves as an HP bar against seduction attempts.  Every seduction attempt has an "attack value" that damages the chastity meter.  The durability of each heroine's chastity bar depends on two factors: her affection for Mamoru (the number of hearts, increased by progressing through their love events), and her virtue rating (the color of the hearts).  Low virtue, represented by blue hearts, blocks 1 chastity damage per heart.  Normal virtue (yellow hearts) blocks 2 damage and high virtue (red hearts) blocks 3 damage.  The chastity bar is recovered via actions by Mamoru on the map screen.  Virtue is increased via events with Mamoru and enduring seduction attempts, while virtue is decreased when the heroine is seduced.

Heroine status screen

If a seduction attempt reduces the chastity meter to 0, an H-scene with the antagonist occurs.  Fertilization by antagonists or Mamoru increases the respective conception meter, with each heroine having a separate meter for each male partner.  The game ends when any of the male partners successfully impregnates one of the heroines: a good end results if the child is Mamoru's, and a bad end results if it isn't.  The conception meter resets to zero when the heroine's ovulation cycle ends, represented by an egg with a number counting down.

Mamoru has 35 days to impregnate a heroine, with each day divided into 7 rounds.  The full prologue takes up about 5 days, during which gameplay options are limited.  Presumably there's a bad end if time runs out.

About the prologue patch

I reviewed the first few minutes of the prologue translation and identified minor and serious translation errors.  While I see no issues with the English, the translator seems to have a poor understanding of Japanese.  The translation suffices to introduce viewers to the game and drum up support for an official English release.  However, some aspects of the setting and situations may not be properly conveyed.  My detailed report is available in the translator's thread on HongFire (mirror).

How you can support a full translation of this game

AliceSoft is currently partnered with MangaGamer to officially release titles in English. Ras Alhague released a prologue patch to promote this title and increase the chance of an official English release. An official release would likely be the goal here, as I'm uncertain whether Ras Alhague can faithfully translate a game of this length and complexity at his current skill level.

If you would like to see this title fully translated, show your support by voting in the Google poll.  Edit: Ras Alhague has discontinued this project after consulting with MangaGamer.  The results of the poll can be found here.

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