Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rock-paper-scissors eroge Strip Battle Days 2 to release in April

Overflow returns from the grave with Strip Battle Days 2, a rock-paper-scissors eroge with interactive touching scenes and fully-animated H-scenes.

Overflow, developer of popular English eroge School Days HQ and Shiny Days, appears to not be completely dead.  They're releasing their first self-developed game since Shiny Days (2012) at the end of April.

Strip Battle Days 2 Official site

Unlike its prequel, Strip Battle Days 2 will feature Makoto as the protagonist and fully-animated H-scenes.

Story synopsis from the Getchu shop page:
Makoto Itou wanders into a parallel world where everything is decided by rock-paper-scissors.  Become Makoto as he strips girls in rock-paper-scissors and unravels the mysteries of this world.

Like the prequel, victories in rock-paper-scissors will be awarded with interactive touching scenes with opposing heroines.  Locating heroines' "weak spots" and arousing them sufficiently will then unlock a full H-scene, which appear to be fully-animated in Strip Battle Days 2 (based on the Getchu clip).  Heroines will include Sekai Saionji, Kotonoha Katsura, Niki Ookuma, and Kyoumi Kasanoin (a character briefly introduced in Cross Days and Shiny Days).

Interested readers can find out more in my review of the previous game.
[Review] Strip Battle Days

I may review this title as well if there's sufficient interest.  I encourage fans to show their support here if they're interested in seeing these games in English.

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