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Seinarukana Gameplay Guide

An abbreviated compilation of Seinarukana gameplay tips for those looking for a quick reference, along with selected boss strategies.

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Route divergence

There's six routes, which diverge after Ch. 8.  In general, favor your preferred heroine in dialogue choices and keep her in the same formation with Nozomu.  There are no bad ends.

General strategy

  • Mana and artifacts (necessary for learning combat skills) are limited.  Kill every enemy and capture every town to maximize mana income, but especially so you don't miss out on any skills.
  • Banish skills are critical, especially in the early stages.  Prioritize a high-level Banish skill on at least one heroine when choosing skills.

SS rank advice

  • Mission SS rank requirements (by Doddler)
  • Achieving SS rank requires a combination of speed (seizing all objectives before a certain turn threshold), killing all enemies, and capturing all towns.
  • Build a high-level Sand of Time at the start of each chapter.  They can be expensive, so make sure you set aside enough mana.
  • Split your forces at branch points and aim to not have forces retrace their steps.
  • Rotate skills so you don't run out of skill uses.  Use all characters in a unit in all roles, and switch between skills when necessary.  Plan ahead so you don't spend unnecessary time recuperating in towns simply waiting for skill uses to replenish.
  • Identify bottlenecks in each mission and push hardest there, while using remaining forces to build facilities and level troops without slowing the main push.

Boss strategies (Normal Mode)

Ch. 2

If you let Drav's support mana build up (by not forcing him to Banish whenever he's using Energy Leak), eventually he'll use the setup skill Lightning Bolt (a type of Banish skill).  If you then Banish when he uses his support skill Crawl Spike (low damage AoE), Lightning Bolt will trigger for massive AoE damage and it's a wipe.


Cross Divider (SS rank reward) makes this fight easier, but is not required.  If you have Cross Divider, use one of the Cross Divider strategies for an easy victory.

This strategy requires Satsuki's 500 material attack skill and Nozomi's 700 material defense skill.
This strategy relies on Nozumu's Celestial Ally (10% party heal) to keep the party alive and force Drav to Banish, making this into an endurance fight that will likely exceed the 20-round limit (after which you'll get to choose formations and continue).  Use Defensive style.  Whenever Drav readies Crawl Spike, banish it with Satsuki's Energy Leak.  This leeches Drav's mana and prevents him from spamming his high-power attack skill.  Whenever Lightning Bolt is active, cancel it with Celestial Ally.

Cross Divider without Inspire
This strategy requires Nozomu's Cross Divider.
Similar to the Defensive strategy, but relies mainly on Nozomu for offense.  Drev should fall before Nozomi's HP is depleted.  Whenever Lightning Bolt is active, cancel it with Celestial Ally.

Cross Divider with Inspire
This strategy requires Nozomu's Cross Divider, Nozomi LV7, and Nozomi's 700 material defense skill.
Use aggressive style and use Sol instead of Satsuki.  Use Inspire then switch Nozomu to attacker and Sol to support.  No formation change at all should be necessary after that.  Sol's support skill should cancel Lightning Bolt.

Ch. 3


Berbalzerd's attack pattern is a very simple algorithm.  Attack him with a Material attack, and he'll use his Force attack.  Attack with a Force attack (or no attack), and he'll use his Material attack.  If the attack does combined damage, the parameter dealing highest unmitigated DMG (base damage x STR or MAG) determines the attack type (for Katima's 8% Material 500 Force attack, this is Force).  Note: This attack pattern is only valid for Aggressive style!

Berbalzerd has a high damage AoE melee attack, and only his Material attack builds mana for it.  Therefore if you force him to always use his Force attack, he'll never be able to build up mana for his melee ultimate.


Use Talia, Jatzieta, Ruputuna.  Use Talia's 500 Material 250 Force attack, Jatzieta's 650 Force AoE defend, and Ruptuna's Banish setup skill (for the first turn, swap Talia and Ruputuna so you can Banish II his starting move, which lowers your damage).  Berbalzerd's Hydra MUST be banished because the damage is unmitigatable, and only Ruputuna's move is capable of doing so.  You'll tank his 300 Force AoE support skill occasionally, but it'll be 100% mitigated by Jatzieta's defense skill.  Talia may run out of attacks before the fight is over.  Switch to Ruputuna (she has an equivalent attack skill to Talia's) to finish Berbalzerd off, but make sure you don't miss a Banish on Hydra (if it's cast without Ruptuna's Banish setup skill already active, you won't be able to stop it).

If Nozomu has his upgraded defense move, you can sub him for Talia and use Cross Divider, alternating with Jatzieta.  Nozomu will tank the Material attack and Jatzieta will tank the Force attack.  This alternate strategy results in a much quicker kill.  Berbalzerd never uses his AoE melee move even though he accumulates sufficient mana, probably because by that point he's spamming Hydra and his AI probably isn't allowed to use Hydra and his AoE melee attack on the same turn.

Boss strategies (Hard Mode)



Fairly easy to beat in Normal Mode, in Hard Mode she puts up more of a fight.  When her HP drops below a certain threshold, she'll use a defense skill that regenerates significant HP, making her nearly immortal.


Use Name Breaker to defeat Evolia (as explained in the scenario, that's the reason only Nozomu can defeat her).  Name Breaker reduces the enemy's combat mana regen by 1, so if Evolia started the turn with 2 mana, then uses her healing defense skill to defend (2 mana), she'll start with 1 mana instead of 2 mana on the next turn.  If she selects the healing defense skill on her next turn (which she will, if she's still low on HP), then it won't activate due to insufficient mana and the next attack will critical (and likely kill her).  Evolia can accrue defense mana over the course of the battle; alternating Name Breaker and Nozomu's Eternal move (-1 mana to target) as necessary, without pushing her to miss a defense skill too early, can help prevent this.

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