Translation check of Belphegor's first H-scene in Nutaku's Kamihime Project R

A translation check depicting the text censorship of Belphegor's first H-scene in Nutaku's Kamihime Project R.

Parent article: Rape scenes censored in Nutaku's Kamihime Project R

The following is the introductory dialogue setting up Belphegor's first H-scene in Kamihime Project R, unlocked at level 35.  Notice how the edits turn a fairly straightforward restraint-against-one's-will setup for a rape scene into a nonsensical mess.

Censored line leading into to a rape scene in Kamihime Project R

For each line, I provide the original Japanese, Nutaku's translation, and then my corrections (when applicable).  The original Japanese was parsed from the browser code of the DMM version, while the English text was manually transcribed.  I also attempted to replicate the frequent spacing issues and typos in the Nutaku release.  Note that I was mainly looking for censored lines and my goal was not to perform a full translation check.

Comment format:
Speaker (when applicable): Original Japanese
Nutaku version's English translation
My translation
Deliberately censored text

Mechanic: ……っと。このねじを締めて、終わり。これで、整備は完了ですよ、ベルフェゴールちゃん。
…All right.  Just gotta screw this in andmaintenance will be finished, Belphie.

Belphegor: ちゃん付けで呼ばないでよです。でも、ありがとう。
Look, don’t call me Belphie.But, thanks.

Mechanic: ちょっと、試し乗りしてみてくれるかな?新しい機能をつけたから。
Maybe you can give it a spin for me?I added a new function to it.

Belphegor: 新しい機能?どんなのですか?
A new function?What did you add?

Belphegor: って、乗ってみれば、それもわかるですね。
Ride it and see. It’s pretty obvious.
Well, I can just ride it and find out for myself.

Belphegor: それじゃあ、さっそく乗るですよ。エンジンをかけて……。
All right, let’s see here…I’ll just start the engine and…

ドルンッ! ドルンドルン、ドリュッドリュッドリュッドッドッドッド……。
…Vroom-vroom…Vroooom-vroom-vroom-vroom… Tick-tick-tick-tick

Belphegor: 噴き上がりもよくなってるですね。なかなかいい感じですよ。
Listen to her purr.I love it.

Mechanic: ハンドルの真ん中にある赤いスイッチを押してみて。
Why don’t you try pushing the red buttonbetween the handlebars?

Belphegor: これですか?ポチ。
This one right here?...Click

Belphegor: ひゃあっ!バイクがっ!バイクがふたつに割れて……足が!
Woah! The bike has…It split in two…I-It’s moving my legs!
Whoa! The bike has… it’s split in two… m-my legs!

(Nutaku version only) Mechanic: Hahaha!

Belphegor: 足が、拘束されて……ひゃあ、手も縛り付けられてしまった!動けないですう!
M-my legs…And I can’t control my hands either!Ican’t stop at all!
I can’t move my legs… erg, my hands are also bound! I can’t move!

Belphegor: あ、足と手がコウソクされて、動かないですよ!なんなんです、これ!このバイク、こわれてるですよ!
What’s up with this bike?!Ican’t resist it’s so cool!It’s broken or something!
Ah, my legs and hands are bound and I can’t move!  What the hell! This bike is broken!

Mechanic: いやいや。これでいいんだよ。ちゃんと機能している。
No, no. It’s working just fine.Just fine indeed.
No, no. It’s working just as intended.

Belphegor: どうなってるんですか、これ?早くもどしなさいです!
What the heck is going on?Let me fuck this instant!
What’s going on? Let me off this instant!

Mechanic: いやだね。ちゃんと機能テストが終わるまでは、戻しませんよ、ベルフェゴールちゃん。
I can’t do that.You’re going to have to wait until Ifinish testing it, Belphie.
I don’t think so. Until the test is finished, you’re not going anywhere, my dear little Belphie.

Belphegor: ちゃん付けで呼ぶなです……くうっ!
Didn’t I tell you not to--…Ah!


うひゃあ! 足が、足が開く!お股が押っ広げになるです!は、恥ずかしいですう!
Hyaah! M-my legs are opening!It’s spreading them apart!F-finally!
Hyaah! M-my legs are opening! They’re being spread apart! T-this is embarrassing!

Mechanic: いい眺めですなあ。お股よく見えますよ。
Hahahaha!What a nice view.I can see everything.

Belphegor: こら、いいかげん、やめるです!おこるですよ!
Hey!Get a hold of yourself!You’re gonna piss me off!
Hey, stop it! I’m getting mad!

Mechanic: 大丈夫大丈夫。今気持ちよくしてあげるからねえ、ベルフェゴールちゃん。
Don’t worry one bit.I’ll make you feel reaaaalllyy good,Belphie.
Don’t worry one bit. I’m going to make you feel really good, my dear little Belphie.

Belphegor: ちゃん付けで……ひゃあ!お股大開脚ですうっ!
I just told—Aaah!My legs are completely spread!

Mechanic: 本番はこれから、これから。
Now, we can begin.
The real fun begins now.


  1. Also see Perun's level 35 scene.

    1. Perun is included in my list, thanks!


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