Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Steam Greenlight for eroge Libra of the Vampire Princess

MiKandi Japan announces a Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter for a professional-quality eroge.  Plans for an uncut release are also confirmed!

Description from the Steam Greenlight page:
"Libra of the Vampire Princess" is Xero's new bishoujo visual novel game being released in Japan on October 30th under their hit label Onomatope. 
A Story of Battle, Blood, and Love! 
Syuma Kusanagi is just an ordinary boy… 
Until the day he is suddenly abducted by a mysterious girl named Iris. She reveals to him a hidden secret about his birth… 
Coursing through his veins, Syuma has a special kind of blood – vampire blood passed down from his progenitors. Iris is known as a "ringleader" vampire who also has this ancestral blood. Her destiny: to "awaken" Syuma. 
In his attempt to flee her clutches, Iris pounces on him to finish the embrace! Luckily, at the very last moment, the keepsake ring given to Syuma by his mother emits a blinding light that interrupts her vicious attack. 
Syuma breaks free and escapes from Iris, but soon realizes something inside him has gone amiss. Could he have become an odd, partially-turned vampire? Now, many girls are entering his life from many directions and complicating the situation. To make matters worse, he is plagued from an overwhelming impulse to suck…
… their blood. 
What will happen next is for you to decide! 

A Kickstarter campaign is also planned this Fall to help fund the English release.

As with Debonosu's Kagura Douchuuki (H-RPG Kagura Douchuuki gets a Greenlight for Censorship), this looks to be another Japanese erogame heading for a censored release on Steam.

Some notable differences:
  1. The game isn't even out yet in Japan.
  2. Translation quality is likely to be good: they have MiKandi Japan working on it, and the Greenlight page's English is excellent.
  3. There's going to be a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the release.
  4. MiKandi Japan has confirmed an uncut release.  This will manifest as a free patch for the Steam version.

MiKandi is a well-known English distributor of adult content, and with this release they've thrown their hat into the ring of eroge publishing.  I'm looking forward to see what other plans MiKandi Japan has in store.  Feel free to show your support for MiKandi by commenting on the Greenlight campaign page or in my Greenlight forum thread.

Also check out my poll: (Poll) Libra of the Vampire Princess: Adult version or non-adult version, which would you play?

Register for e-mail notification when the campaign goes live on Kickstarter here.

(My interest in this game has nothing to do with the vampire loli, I swear.)

Edit 9/30/15: Added confirmation of an uncut version in the pipeline and the poll.
Edit 10/25/15: Added e-mail registration link for the Kickstarter.


  1. This is really interesting. (Totally not because of the twintailed vampire loli, nope.) It's kind of in the same position as Wagamama High Spec, another VN that isn't even out yet but Sekai Project plans on releasing it in English. I'm not sure if they're releasing WagaHigh on Steam though.

    Definitely hoping for an uncut release and more info on the characters and story.

  2. a future uncut release has been confirmed by mikandi. glad to see an actual porn distributor partnering up with them, who is non ashamed of h-content beeing related to their company when also going the all ages way on steam.

    1. That's great! I'll look around for a source, but if you have one that would be very helpful.

    2. Nevermind, just checked my Twitter and they actually replied to me directly!

  3. Cool stuff! Definitely keeping my eye out for this one

  4. I backed them for 90 bucks, if they got balls for 18+ version i got money to support them :)

    1. My only regret is that there's no Iris route. I'm a bit dumbfounded that the title character and most prominent heroine in the promotional images doesn't have a route. Stretch goal #1 adds a prologue focused on Iris, but that's not at all the same as a route. MiKandi JP has been more or less upfront about this, but it's still disappointing.

      It is however good to see a company making use of Kickstarter and Steam while remaining dedicated to what makes eroge... eroge: the ero.

  5. Maybe plot works this way. And ading Iris would break it and leave plotholes. Its not nesecarily a bad thing if there is a justification that main character dont get all the girls.

    1. Clephas from Fuwanovel, who actually played the game, said that he thought Iris not having a route was odd in the context of the story. That's actually how I first learned Iris didn't have a route. Even ignoring that, it's pretty atypical for a title heroine featured prominently in promotional images to not have a route. Characters without routes don't usually get highlighted like that.

  6. Hmmm. strange, now that i had looked into game cgi there are sex scenes with Iris. Maybe her route requaires to open all other heroines endings and is just well hiden? :)

  7. You can check yourself doggy style :)

    1. I plan to hold off on spoilers til I play the game myself.

    2. Eh, not like i can spoil plot without language knowledge


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